Tantric Yoga is perfectly safe if you take care of your body and adjust the postures according to your physical condition ~ being particularly careful if you have an injury or ailment that may be aggravated by physical activity.

If you have an infectious condition, you are responsible for your health as well as that of others in the class. Do not come to class if there is a risk that you might infect other members of the class.

Take responsibility for your body. Practice within your own limits. Pay attention to your body. If your body signals you to stop or pull back during a posture, do so.

If you have high blood pressure, glaucoma, or a detached retina, do not hold postures for more than 20 seconds. This is especially true for inverted postures.

Never force your body into a posture that causes discomfort, distress, or pain. You could injure yourself. Never allow an instructor to push you beyond your limits. And NEVER challenge or strain yourself.