Tantra is an ancient Hindu practice that is over 5,000 years and means “the weaving and expansion of energy”. Tantra, as well as Yoga, are nonsectarian, and their methods may be applied to any religion or method. Tantra is a form of erogenous practice that is said to increase intimacy, enlightenment, self-awareness, and enhanced mind-body connection.

Neotantra (Navatantra ~ Sanskrit: नव, Nava ‘new’) or tantric sex, is the modern, Western variation of tantra associated with new religious movements, with its foundations on nondual Saiva Tantra. This includes both New Age and modern Western interpretations of traditional Hindu and Buddhist Tantra.

Some of its proponents refer to ancient and traditional texts and principles, and many others use Tantra to mean “sacred sexuality”. To the extent that sex is a part of life, Tantra teaches us how to spiritualize sex.

As practiced at Tantric Yoga for Men, the focus is on the awareness of the breath, the sensations experienced in the body as the asanas (postures) are performed, either alone or with a partner, and the fact that all phenomena in life are impermanent. It is actually a practice that harnesses the erogenous energy as fuel for spiritual advancement.

Tantric Yoga can be done by anyone interested in opening up and exploring their erogenous energy and finding new depth to their intimacy.

Specifically, the tantric practitioner attains dharma, artha, kāma, and mokṣa, “personal fulfillment,” “material security,” “satisfaction of desires,” and “liberation,” respectively.

Our Tantric Yoga is like the ceaseless movement of our awareness, from subject to object and back again. It is like the eternal movement of the waves that advance on the shore and then recede back into the ocean, their source… Each perception vibrates with the ecstasy of the Self, enjoying the world from which we emanate. What is experienced in the mind and what is perceived outside are no longer two different realities. Citta, the mind, becomes Citi, consciousness. That is the essence of what we seek at Tantric Yoga for Men.

With us, you will come to realize that any feeling of shame or unworthiness associated with our sexuality shackles our spirit and blocks us from the full realization of the Devine within us.

Consider the following:

  • Are you looking to tap into your erogenous energy ⁓ the highest form of energy known to man?
  • Are you desiring to become even more engaged with your partner?
  • Do you want to increase your strength and flexibility?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, Tantric Yoga for Men might be the thing for you.